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Bosses with No brains, no guts and no heart

by Tom Cairns

The scarecrow, cowardly lion and tin man are characters in The Wizard of Oz.  They are also a caricature of the types of bosses that employees encounter all too often in the workplace.  We all have experienced them and hopefully survived them. The first one is the boss without a brain only he or she […]

What’s Your Passion?

by Tom Cairns

Someone recently asked me what’s your passion?  I thought about it for a moment and started rattling off the things I had done in my HR career and my interests.  They said that’s fine but what is your passion?  I thought I had just answered that but clearly I needed to go deeper so I […]

Get You Motor Runnin’

by Tom Cairns

Leaders are enamored with speed.  They love it.  They are all NASCAR drivers in their mind.  In fact, I actually had a boss who had taken NASCAR driving lessons.  I found this out when we were traveling together and our flight was leaving in 1 hour, but we were 2 hours away from the airport.  No problem, […]

Who Needs a Resume?

by Tom Cairns

Is a resume an important aspect to getting a job interview?  If you think yes, then why do so many people spend so little time preparing one?  If you think no, then read no further. A resume is essential for two reasons.  One, it helps you tell your story to potential employers.  Two, it helps […]

The War for Talent

by Tom Cairns

For some employers, the war for talent is a struggle to attract and retain talent from the enemy. The enemy in this case is perhaps a competitor. However, for other employers the war for talent is a civil war being waged within their own company. Employment statistics from Gallup poll show that almost 75% of employee’s […]