I cringe when I hear job candidates getting stuck on salary and benefits. Most job seekers are completely missing the bigger picture ideal of reaching towards success with the help of their defined leader. I know that most of us have yet to find an opportunity to work for a true “leader”, but that’s ok. There is still nothing wrong with always being aware and asking for the opportunity to be successful.  But it is also important to make sure that if you are asking your leaders to lead you to success, you also need to be the biggest evangelist of how such a great deed will also lead to the success of those leaders. Let’s take a look at the the benefits to your managers and superiors if they are willing to help you along your path to success.

You Will Eventually Connect Leaders to Their Next Opportunity

By educating that by allowing you to grow in title and responsibilities, more people will be exposed to your importance in the company which maximizes the positive executive-level referral based connecting. For example, say you move from an in-house assistant to a wholesale sales assistant with exposure to other hiring managers at trade shows and industry events, this is great new avenues of connecting and exposure. Eventually, these connections work their way back to the original manager that go you on your way with numerous different types of opportunities ranging from consulting to job opportunities.

If They Ever Need To Interview for Manager, They Will Need a Success Story

I’m sorry, but your boss does not have tenure, and he will be in that interview seat again very soon. He is going to need a lot of great success stories to prove that he is a great coach. And what is better proof of a great coach than all of the players that rose up from his guidance to the big leagues. Look at all of the demonstrated successes that played college basketball at University of North Carolina under Coach Dean Smith. Ever heard of Michael Jordan? Ya think that Coach Smith would have had trouble proving that he was a great leader? No, because he developed players so well, that they were prepared for the next level of success elsewhere.

 It Feels Good to Help Others

The best way to help others within your organization is to propel them into more successful positions. There is nothing else that comes close. And in any position in life, helping others brings the highest form of self-importance to an individual. Holding back employees is pointless for anybody. Sure, I’ve heard the excuses, and confirmation biases… But there is room for everybody to be successful in the corporate world. And so I strongly believe that those who are either forced to keep their team from success, or fear losing optimal production, will feel very bad for themselves after years of neglect. So help management prevent the possibility of going through corporate depression, and inspire them to promote and help employees move towards their own success.

 So Yes, Your Employer Can Help You With the Right Motivation

Most of your competitors in the workforce have no idea of how much of moving up the corporate ladder revolves around persuasive negotiation. I once had a manager hold me back for years from moving towards my success because she knew that she could never replace my productive capability. I promoted the benefits to this manager once I found out about her restrictive actions, and eventually we were both in a better position to help each other move towards higher, more successful situations.