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Get You Motor Runnin’

by Tom Cairns

Leaders are enamored with speed.  They love it.  They are all NASCAR drivers in their mind.  In fact, I actually had a boss who had taken NASCAR driving lessons.  I found this out when we were traveling together and our flight was leaving in 1 hour, but we were 2 hours away from the airport.  No problem, […]

Who Needs a Resume?

by Tom Cairns

Is a resume an important aspect to getting a job interview?  If you think yes, then why do so many people spend so little time preparing one?  If you think no, then read no further. A resume is essential for two reasons.  One, it helps you tell your story to potential employers.  Two, it helps […]

The War for Talent

by Tom Cairns

For some employers, the war for talent is a struggle to attract and retain talent from the enemy. The enemy in this case is perhaps a competitor. However, for other employers the war for talent is a civil war being waged within their own company. Employment statistics from Gallup poll show that almost 75% of employee’s […]

Can your employer facilitate your success?

by Aaron Moskowitz

I cringe when I hear job candidates getting stuck on salary and benefits. Most job seekers are completely missing the bigger picture ideal of reaching towards success with the help of their defined leader. I know that most of us have yet to find an opportunity to work for a true “leader”, but that’s ok. […]