JobTalk1 on KHTS AM-1220 your hometown station

Hosts: Coach Ron Tunick, Tom Cairns

Guest: Pete Tzavalas, Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Topic: The Great Debate

“Making your job even better”

Segment 1 – the guys discuss the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and analyze what was said and what wasn’t

Segment 2 – the guys interview Pete Tzavalas, Executive VP of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, about his experience helping people find jobs and the ins and outs of everything that comes along with it

“If you and I were hiring people I wouldn’t hire either one of them.” – the Coach on the presidential nominees

“There was nothing memorable last night.” – the Coach on the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Services that Challenger, Gray & Christmas offers

  • outplacement experts
  • aid people in making better job changes than they could on their own
  • leading people to more successful careers, and creating happier alumni for their former employers