This extremely simple hack can allow pretty much anybody to get through the pearly gates of the applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by large employers. These systems pretty much throw out Punching through pc because of ATSyour resume from the system completely… And typically after you have filled out hundreds of fields of information that were already on your resume. I know that it seems like a big waste of time, but the larger companies hire significantly more people than the average small business.

So what is this top secret tactic? What could possibly be the most game changing keyword tactic to ever be utilized as a tool for getting through the system to be considered as a top 20 candidate? Well, it is pretty simple, actually….

The ATS systems of today are looking for two types of keywords. And if keywords from these two distinct sets are not shown in the resume, then your resume is spit into nowhereville. These two classifications are either related to skills or past companies. The problem that a lot of candidates have, is that they might have the skills, but not the big company experience. So, if this is you, here is the ultimate way to squeeze those keywords in your resume. This article does not explain the special skills needed to find these keywords, but it will demonstrate exactly how they can be inserted into your resume.

The common resume style typically shows the company name somewhere within the job experience section within its own block. You may need to get creative with the exact format for adding what I’m about to suggest, but I highly suggest that you do so. Right next to each line that shows the name of the company where you worked, I am going to suggest that you add “(direct competitor of [name of largest competitor in industry]”. Pretty simple, right? Who knew that it could be this easy.

Now, I know that you are thinking that this is silly. But there is nothing silly about being considered for a position because you broke through the applicant tracking system. The truth is that this simple tactic can improve your chances of getting the job by up to 100%, because names of large companies are one of the top criteria for systems candidates moving up in the interview process. So now you can use this secret hack to get through the first major hurdle that has probably kept you out of the weeding process for at least 50% of the jobs you have applied to in the past year.