For some employers, the war for talent is a struggle to attract and retain talent from the enemy. The enemy in this case is perhaps a competitor. However, for other employers the war for talent is a civil war being waged within their own company. Employment statistics from Gallup poll show that almost 75% of employee’s today are disengaged in their current jobs. What does this mean? That means people are showing up for work physically but mentally they have checked out. Clearly, they are not giving a 100% effort.

Consider this. You decide to mow your lawn. However, you mow only 25% of the lawn leaving the remaining 75% of grass to grow. That would be fine if you were a golf course preparing for the rough for the U.S. Open. But, unless your lawn is the Oakmont Country Club that is not going to cut it (pun intended) with your neighbors.  It would be great if disengaged employees were as easy to identify as an unkempt lawn.

One thing we do know is the root cause for employee disengagement and that is “does my manager show concern for me?”  Not just in a personal way, “how are you today” but also in a developmental way, communicating goals, expectations and a genuine interest to listen. This is where the war for talent is frankly being lost and unless managers lose the NGT behavior (no got time), the war will continue to be lost until you cannot see the house for the lawn.

Tom Cairns

co-host JobTalk1

Author: All Systems Go: How to Launch a Successful Job Search